QD Tech Limited has been built on a solid foundation of IT engineering experience. Since our formation in 2006 we have delivered a wide range of projects and solved an even wider range of hardware and software issues. Whilst the business operates out of London UK, we have delivered projects as far afield as New-Zealand, America and even Papua-New Guinea as well as UK wide. With over 35 years of on-site and remote support experience between the two founding members, we have sought to pass this knowledge on to our engineers.

From the beginning, QD Tech Limited was focused on delivering a wide range of skills to our clients and partners. Over the years we have worked with a diverse set technologies and we strive to constantly expand our knowledge base.

Through strong partnerships and some impressive clients, QD Tech Limited continues to grow and expand its engineer base. Our previous background in IT Training has allowed us to take graduates and mould them through hands on experience, into professional first and second line engineers.