For over 11 year QD Tech has been providing teams of resource engineers to both our Partners and Clients alike. We identify the requirement and then hand pick a team of engineers that have all the relevant skills to deliver the project. If the project requires bespoke skills or additional security vetting we will train and provide clearance prior to starting the project.

We also manage our engineers, either by providing a technical manager on site with the team, or by centrally managing the team who are spread across many sites.

We have delivered a large number of projects over the years, but here are a few examples:

  • We provided 20 engineers in 20 locations nationally for one day. They were tasked with swapping out pen tablets and portable printers for the client’s sales team. This included data transfer and training for the Sales reps.
  • We provided a team of 18 engineers tasked with imaging 2000 laptops and mobile phones for a government department. Part of the team then provided training on the new devices to MPs and support staff over a period of two months. Notably, two of the team members were retained by the Client on a permanent basis.
  • We provided a team of 7 engineers to reimage and deploy over 700 laptops and PCs for a top tier Law firm. The team worked at night to avoid disruption and then a floorwalking engineer was on site in the morning to assist with troubleshooting.

Ultimately, QD Tech can deliver and manage teams to deliver your projects allowing you to focus on the details. The admin and HR savings provided make this the perfect solution for anyone requiring a large number of engineers for a short period of time.